3 must-haves for every website in 2019 September 07, 2018

3 must-haves for every website in 2019

Welcome to the modern world, the world of Google Search, social media and smartphones. A website is now just a part of how your brand exists on the web. There’s no escaping it if you want to run a successful business these days.

Your website is a critical part of your brand identity, not something to be eschewed as a minor piece of your marketing puzzle. Designing and maintaining a modern website should be the goal of every company in 2019, no matter its size.

Here are three must-haves for your website to consider as we move into 2019.

1: Get an SSL certificate. Google wants it and so do your visitors

Google announced in 2014 that an SSL certificate impacts your search rankings. The higher your website ranks on a keyword search, the more likely someone will click on your site and give you a potential lead.

In the past, the SSL certificate was mostly used to ensure safe credit card transactions.

Beyond what Google has suggested, there’s a bit of psychology to consider. Nowadays, most visitors expect sites to be secure. Ones that are unsecure tend to scare off visitors and scream that they’re unreliable or unsafe to visit. Is your website safe?

Applied use of SSL:

Pantek.com relies on ranking on the first page of Google when clients search for “Linux technical support”. Not only does the SSL certificate help maintain that first-page ranking, it gives the web site visitor one more reason to see that a valid company and team is behind the scenes.

2: Have a Content Delivery Network (CDN) subscription. Visitors want it to load NOW!

A CDN improves page load speeds by geographically distributing your server network.

With the advent of mobile browsing, visitor attention span has decreased dramatically. Every second you make your visitor wait for your page to load leads to a 7% decrease in customer conversions.

Like SSL certificates, your site loading speed plays a role in your Google ranking. The faster your website loads, and therefore the better the user experience, the higher your site will be ranked on Google searches.

Applied use of CDN:
For IMG/Endeavor, website speed is critical, especially during live events. By using a CDN, they are able to greatly improve their customers’ experience by significantly increasing page load times for events such as the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show.

3: Have a web producer on record for your company.

In a world full of developers, why go it alone? Why risk hiring someone with questionable experience?

Metisentry provides a service that allows you to work directly with someone who has a proven track record of creating and maintaining websites and web software platforms. By regularly working with one company, you develop a strong relationship while allowing that company to better understand your site and overall company goals.

With a developer on record, you are essentially speeding up the design and implementation process while improving the quality of your site. The Metisentry Cloud Hosting Service comes with an option to add (developer) Service Instances. This is a low-cost way to get a senior level developer addressing your website change requests. The team can provide development, design and even copy change requests.

Use our experience of building and maintaining 1000’s of websites to your advantage. We are far more than a hosting company!

Applied use of having a web producer:

For the National Palliative Care Research Center, we provide ongoing development support whenever they need updates to their website. They certainly don't want to hire a full-time developer and their website really only needs security updates and occasional content changes. Metisentry is there to make it happen.

As development and hosting specialists, Metisentry provides options for all three of these must-haves for our cloud clients. At Metisentry, we protect our own online reputation by having these resources in place. For us, it makes sense to share these services with our cloud hosting clients. If you are a Metisentry cloud hosting client and would like to benefit from these services, please contact myself or your Metisentry Account Manager today!

In the end, don’t risk your online reputation by ignoring these items. Instead, we urge you to act on them quickly to ensure that 2019 is your company’s best online year ever.

Dave Summers

Written by Dave Summers

Dave joined Metisentry in May 2017 as Client Success Manager, where he focuses on client growth and retention and customer service. He is responsible for hosting and incremental development sales, in addition to account management for numerous clients. He acts as the lead on new request intake, as well as opportunity and lead management. He is driven by a passion for client growth and service quality, reflected in the dual sales and service nature of his role at Metisentry.

He has spent over a decade in the language, higher education and trade show industries, gaining experience as a project manager, account executive, teacher and researcher.