BossNine Acquires Metisentry's Linux Support Offering August 30, 2018

BossNine Acquires Metisentry's Linux Support Offering

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce an exciting change at Metisentry. As of September 1, 2018, BossNine Technologies of Massachusetts has acquired the Linux Support team, previously known as “Pantek.” The Pantek team, a 20+ year established brand, merged with Metisentry in January 2017.

Metisentry has become increasingly focused on Software as a Service (SaaS) production and mastery. We are a SaaS Factory. The Linux Support service, while complimentary to our efforts, was increasingly divergent for our growing base of clients that need software Developers, User Experience, DevOps and Product Management professionals.

Now and in the future, Metisentry will partner with the team at BossNine to help those who need SaaS expertise and Linux Support. BossNine, a leader in the AWS space, will continue to build and enhance the Linux Support Team.

For all of Metisentry’s private cloud clients, this change means that there will be even more access to developer-level support and a growing SaaS. Our datacenter team remains intact and as a part of this change, we have upgraded equipment and monitoring systems.  You will notice performance improvements in the coming month.

Any interested parties are invited to direct inquiries towards Bill Fistori of BossNine, or Marling Engle and Jeff Schafer of Metisentry.

Jeff Schafer

Written by Jeff Schafer

Jeff joined Metisentry in early 2017 as part of our merger with Pantek, which had previously acquired Pencilneck, the custom software firm that Jeff founded and ran for over a decade. His background as a software developer, systems architect, project manager, strategist and entrepreneur position Jeff well for his current role as Metisentry's Chief Revenue Officer. In his capacity as CRO he is responsible for attracting, identifying and building collaborative relationships with partners seeking to transform their businesses through the effective application and management of custom, cloud-based software solutions.