Innovation Means Longevity April 04, 2019

Innovation Means Longevity

Successful businesses are constantly developing new ideas to keep their products, services, and operations fresh and in line with changing customer demands. Without innovation, it can be quite challenging for businesses to stay ahead of their competitors and grow.

When it comes to software development, the importance of innovation should not be overlooked as it leads to longevity. Here’s how:

Positive User Experience

User experience involves creating an enjoyable experience that keeps users coming back time after time. If your software features a poor design, takes forever to load, is loaded with pop-ups and ads, breaks frequently, and/or doesn’t have the capabilities your users desire, longevity will be difficult to attain. Customers will only remain long-term customers if your software provides them with a good user experience.

A Competitive Edge

Staying ahead of your competitors is essential if you’d like your business to grow and succeed down the road. If your software is outdated or unable to keep up with your customer’s ever-evolving needs, longevity will be a struggle. Take a look at what you’re doing and what your competitors are doing. Ask yourself how your software can be improved to gain a competitive edge. What new technologies are emerging which might be able to be integrated into your application? What feature(s) can you add which will set you apart while at the same time adding value for your users?

Customer Relevance

The reality is that even your most loyal customers are always on the lookout for a better product or application. If you’d like to gain customers and ensure your current ones stay with you, you must innovate. It’s impossible to remain relevant and enjoy longevity if you keep innovation on the back burner. If you’re not the one constantly looking for new ways to innovate, rest assured your competitors are.

Increased Profitability

If you’d like to increase your profitability and stay in business for a long time, innovation is vital. Innovators are leaders in their industries. Those who innovate set the benchmark. Innovating in a highly competitive and rapidly changing area like technology can be especially challenging. Those who can show users something fresh, new, and useful, will be riding that innovation wave all the way to the bank.


By making software innovation a priority and regular part of your development process, you’ll be setting your business up for breakthroughs. You may uncover an idea for an incredible capability or feature that will empower your software and take your business to new heights.

Why You Should Innovate Wisely

Although innovation is important, don’t make software changes just for the sake of change. Think through every idea you have and decide whether or not implementing it makes sense for your customers and your future. You may find that working with a team of software professionals at a software company like Metisentry can bring fresh ideas to the table and give you exactly what you need to innovate wisely.

Innovation truly does lead to longevity. Now that you know how important it can be for your business, take action!


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Scott Wolf

Written by Scott Wolf

Scott is the Chief Operating Officer of Metisentry. He has several decades of technology experience in consulting, in-house and as an MBA adjunct professor. He started his consulting career as a technical project manager with Accenture (Anderson Consulting) and later served as VP Enterprise Systems Consulting and Global Alliances for Whittman-Hart, a multi-billion dollar international consultancy. His In-house IT experience includes a leadership role in Progressive corporation’s Project Management Office, and he ran the Corporate Systems group for both PNC and Westfield Insurance. He recently served as CIO for the Berkshire Hathaway company United Consumer Financial Services, where he executed a Cloud IT transformation and enabled 24x7 customer and distributor self-service portals. He has also served an adjunct MBA instructor and on the Advisory board of Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.