Sell the Digital Version of Your Business Processes February 28, 2019

Sell the Digital Version of Your Business Processes


Think about your business. Do you have a process that is constantly repeated? If so, you may be able to sell the digital version of it, remove inefficiencies and enjoy significant revenue growth. To further illustrate the benefits of selling the digital version of your business processes, let’s take a closer look at two businesses who did exactly that; Steamdent and Station Check.


What is Steamdent?

Steamdent has changed the way many dental practices across the country operate. It is a cutting-edge, cloud-based software that helps dentists, dental assistants, hygienists, and administrative professionals increase efficiency. It offers checklists for virtually every task that is performed in dental offices.

Created by Dr. William Moorhead, Steamdent makes it easy and stress-free for dentists to bring their dream offices to life. His software can be easily customized by users and offers great flexibility for developing and improving systems in dental offices.

Steamdent truly transforms appointment scheduling, new patient exams, clinical treatments, patient check ins and check outs, new employee training, and cross training. It all started when Dr. Moorhead had the idea to sell the digital version of his business process.


What is Station Check?

Thanks to Station Check, firefighters now have an easy way to keep track of and maintain the various equipment they use. In the past, firefighters had a difficult time with this as they used clipboard or spreadsheets, which were inefficient and confusing. Now, they can use Station Check’s SaaS solution to manage their masks, oxygen tanks, hoses, gloves, ladders, and other important equipment.

Today, more than 300 fire stations with more than 70 departments around the country depend on Station Check to make their lives easier. Station Check’s founder, Tony Crisalli, worked with Metisentry to sell the digital version of the business processes fire stations were already doing manually.

Why Sell a Digital Version?

With a digital version of your business processes, you can store important data, which can be used to discover how to improve your organization. You can also eliminate human error and perfect your processes through automation. This automation may be just what you need to meet or even exceed your business goals. If you’re wondering whether your business processes can be converted into a SaaS solution, reach out and let's start the discovery process today.

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Jeff Schafer

Written by Jeff Schafer

Jeff joined Metisentry in early 2017 as part of our merger with Pantek, which had previously acquired Pencilneck, the custom software firm that Jeff founded and ran for over a decade. His background as a software developer, systems architect, project manager, strategist and entrepreneur position Jeff well for his current role as Metisentry's Chief Revenue Officer. In his capacity as CRO he is responsible for attracting, identifying and building collaborative relationships with partners seeking to transform their businesses through the effective application and management of custom, cloud-based software solutions.