Your Ideas Are IP March 08, 2019

Your Ideas Are IP

Your company likely has many unique ideas. Ideas that can change lives and revolutionize the way people think and act. If you have a groundbreaking idea that you believe others may benefit from, it’s important to protect its intellectual property or IP for a variety of reasons. By doing so, you can:

Pitch to Investors

Raise the Valuation of Your Startup

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Make Money

Your company may have an idea that has the potential to make millions of dollars. However, if you can’t bring it to life, you won’t make any money, nor will you reap any of the other benefits.

Through our years in business, we’ve discovered that many companies have a difficult time bringing their ideas to market. If you have a great idea, sometimes all it takes is talking to someone who has built a SaaS business and knows the challenges you're facing.

How Metisentry Brought Station Check’s Ideas to Life

For example, an Ohio-based company called Station Check had an excellent idea. They wanted to create smarter automated equipment checklists for first responders. However, they did not have the resources necessary to bring these automated checklists to life.

Station Check had trouble adding features and expanding the functionality of their software while maintaining control and ownership of their code. After working with our User Experience Team to build feature plans, Metisentry was able to help Station Check provide many feature updates and new features to meet the ongoing (and increasing) demand of fire stations across the country.

Big Ideas are Constantly Arising

During the tech bubble in 2000, the internet became popular and took an increasingly important role in our everyday lives. Many of us thought that all of the best ideas were already thought of during this time. The reality is that we couldn’t have been more wrong. Great ideas are popping up every day and continuing to change our lives for the better.

If your company has an idea, we can be the difference between converting it into something incredible or simply allowing it to sit there. While your idea can lead to greatness if you use your own knowledge and skills, our team can offer a fresh perspective that can enhance it and increase its chances of succeeding.

Allow Metisentry’s Expertise to Turn Your Idea Into Something Big

If your company has an idea but you don’t have the tech resource to turn into something big, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services. For more information on Planning, Building, and Growing SaaS applications, download our eBook below:


Jeff Schafer

Written by Jeff Schafer

Jeff joined Metisentry in early 2017 as part of our merger with Pantek, which had previously acquired Pencilneck, the custom software firm that Jeff founded and ran for over a decade. His background as a software developer, systems architect, project manager, strategist and entrepreneur position Jeff well for his current role as Metisentry's Chief Revenue Officer. In his capacity as CRO he is responsible for attracting, identifying and building collaborative relationships with partners seeking to transform their businesses through the effective application and management of custom, cloud-based software solutions.