The Importance of UX in SaaS Applications March 19, 2019

The Importance of UX in SaaS Applications

When it comes to developing a SaaS application, the importance of user experience or UX should not be overlooked. It can help you retain loyal customers and stand out from your competitors. The following factors are essential to consider during the creation phase of a SaaS solution. These are easy wins that should be considered while deciding upon features to include in your first launch:


While your layout may look great, it’s essentially pointless if it doesn’t make sense to your users. Understand that although your layout may be intuitive in your eyes, it may confuse someone who is not as close to the application. Make sure users can easily access all the features and will not require your assistance. Consider utilizing focus groups to provide feedback ahead of launch.

A Positive First Impression

The reality is that today’s users have short attention spans. Therefore, your application must leave them with a good first impression. Its homepage should catch their attention without overwhelming them. Too much prose or too many poorly placed ads will likely send your users elsewhere.

Offer a Demo or Free Trial

The reality is that most users won’t sign up for your software right off the bat. Therefore, it’s a good idea to offer a demo or free trial to lure them. Make sure you promote these options properly. In addition to free trials, many SaaS businesses will offer a watered down free version with basic features. Paid versions can unlock the full feature set.

Simplify the Signup Process

If your goal is for users to try your product and eventually purchase it, you should make the signup process as easy and fast as possible. Rather than asking users to fill out long forms, ask for a few of their personal details and let them in the solution right away so they can begin exploring. Many applications have started allowing signups from third party platforms like Facebook. This allows users to sign up with a couple clicks.

Perform Usability Tests

Every time you make a change to your SaaS application, it is well worth your time to conduct a usability test. Try to get the unbiased opinion of those who are not close to your product so you can determine whether to keep or get rid of the change.

Ensure Simple Navigation

A user-friendly navigation can keep your users hooked. It should be ideal for all types of devices and allow users to find what they need without any issues.

Experiment with Call to Actions

In most cases, call to action buttons try to convince users to pay for the product or additional features. We encourage you to get creative with your call to actions and find out what your users find most appealing. A well placed CTA can trigger a purchase. Think about the last game you played where you'd gone as far as you could. Then, magically, an offer to continue pops up saying that for only $1.99, you could continue your adventure. Users in a heightened emotional state are more likely to make that purchase.

Make Contact Information and Help Easy to Find

Your users should be able to reach you for questions and support whenever they wish. Don’t force them to search for your contact information and help tutorials as this can lead to frustration and abandonment of your product. They should be easy to find.

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Jeff Schafer

Written by Jeff Schafer

Jeff joined Metisentry in early 2017 as part of our merger with Pantek, which had previously acquired Pencilneck, the custom software firm that Jeff founded and ran for over a decade. His background as a software developer, systems architect, project manager, strategist and entrepreneur position Jeff well for his current role as Metisentry's Chief Revenue Officer. In his capacity as CRO he is responsible for attracting, identifying and building collaborative relationships with partners seeking to transform their businesses through the effective application and management of custom, cloud-based software solutions.