Why a Developer Alone Cannot Build a Platform April 12, 2019

Why a Developer Alone Cannot Build a Platform


Entrepreneurs are fascinating humans. Driven by the need to create and build businesses, their brains tend to operate at a pace which far exceeds that of the average person. An entrepreneur will live in an almost constant state of visualization. They visualize what’s possible within their business, industry, and world around them. What makes an entrepreneur unique, though, is their willingness to act on one or more of the many ideas they manufacture.

As the leaders and visionaries of their organizations, this regular ideation can and will wreak havoc on employees and team members who aren’t prepared to embrace and execute every new, creative, and often awesome idea their visionary leaders bring them. Eager to help, though, team members often spring into action and begin the process of attempting to bring the new vision to life. But, like all new endeavors, unless the vision is properly designed and planned, it’s destined for failure.

In today’s cloud-based world, the new ideas and visions entrepreneurs are regularly bringing their teams are ideas for new cloud and mobile applications. Unfortunately, most businesses are ill-equipped to bring these ideas to life on their own, so they create a plan and set off on their journey with great excitement. Then, after a year or two and many thousands of dollars, they look back and wish they had never even set out in the first place. Why? Because they made the mistake many businesses make. They hired a full-time software developer to bring their vision to life.

The Software Developer Mistake

Common logic would dictate that when you want to build a software application, you’d hire a software developer to get the job done. The idea is great in theory but bad in practice. Building a software or SaaS application takes a village.

Software developers are great and provide a ton of value, but if yours is a business looking to build a platform, reliance on a singular developer is going to be fraught with peril. Here’s why:

- No one person is an expert at everything.

- Developers aren’t necessarily good project managers.

- Developers aren’t designers.

- Reliance on an individual rather than a team is extremely high-risk proposition.

- Custom written software may be harder to support outside of the original developer.

The Right Solution

The right approach to software application and platform development is a team approach. There are several components involved in SaaS application development, each with their own specialization.

Here at Metisentry, we embrace the team approach and have established these players as the backbone of our SaaS development team:

- Senior Software Developer

- Senior UX/UI Designer

- Project Manager

- Product Manager

Within each of these areas, several individuals work together to help bring the client’s vision to life.

So while software development is a key and critical component of SaaS application development, they are but one (integral) piece of the overall puzzle. By utilizing a team of seasoned, specialized professionals, your application will have an increased chance of success post-launch.

If your business has a great idea for a new SaaS application, contact us today and start the SaaS discovery process. For more information on planning, building, and growing SaaS applications, download the eBook below.


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Jeff Schafer

Written by Jeff Schafer

Jeff joined Metisentry in early 2017 as part of our merger with Pantek, which had previously acquired Pencilneck, the custom software firm that Jeff founded and ran for over a decade. His background as a software developer, systems architect, project manager, strategist and entrepreneur position Jeff well for his current role as Metisentry's Chief Revenue Officer. In his capacity as CRO he is responsible for attracting, identifying and building collaborative relationships with partners seeking to transform their businesses through the effective application and management of custom, cloud-based software solutions.