Why User Experience Should Be The Number One Concern for SaaS CEO April 30, 2019

Why User Experience Should Be The Number One Concern for SaaS CEO

It's only been a few hundred years since human beings built their own homes using whatever locally sourced material they had available to them. Over time, as the practice of building physical structures evolved, innovations happened which enabled the rapid advancement of architecture and construction.

The Goal of UX Has Not Changed

The software industry has evolved in a similar fashion, especially over the last several decades. One of the most noteworthy developments of the industry happened when User Experience (UX) became a staple. Even after making its appearance about a decade ago, UX continues to evolve, mature, and advance. However, the foundational goal of UX is still exactly what it’s been from the very beginning: to provide the user with a great experience.

Ignoring UX Leads to Serious Consequences

UX uses a narrow focus to study and understand how a software looks and interacts with its users. It focuses on helping users easily find the information they need. If you’re not paying attention to user experience, you’ll find your marketing to be less effective and more expensive.

You’ll also notice that it’s more difficult to gain new customers and keep existing ones because your software may be too complicated and not provide users with an easy way to find what they are looking for. In addition, ignoring UX may result in higher customer service and support costs.

UX Enables Growth and Benefits Your Leadership Team

In simple terms, disregarding UX when developing and improving your software can lead to a lower return on investment and limit the growth of your organization. In addition to fueling your organization for growth and ensuring a high return on investment, UX can benefit your leadership team.

It can help them with pinpointing value proposition and figuring out the ideal design, development, and product management strategy. Also, making UX a priority can provide your leadership team with valuable insight about your audiences and market and allow them to make strategic decisions regarding your software down the road.

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Marling Engle

Written by Marling Engle

Metisentry president Marling Engle wrote his first line of code as a curious nine-year-old, and his life has been dedicated to tackling tough problems with software ever since.

Marling founded Metisentry in 2006 after graduating summa cum laude from Kent State University with an MS in Computer Science. He, and his young company, quickly earned a reputation for delivering elegant solutions incorporating high performance, highly-scalable web development, image processing and signal analysis, data mining, and software/system security.

Over the next decade, he started and grew additional ventures, including StationCheck, a SaaS product developed and incubated by Metisentry; while simultaneously expanding the company's capabilities and geographic reach through mergers and acquisitions.

Today, Engle leads Metisentry's team of open-source experts in creating and growing value for client partners through services spanning the entire SaaS product lifecycle.